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Welcome to Broadband

Welcome to PlusNet, we hope you will enjoy using our service. The following guide should help you set up your new account and provide you with some information you should find useful.

Hardware Installation
All hardware that is shipped from PlusNet comes with an installation guide to help you get set up. You can view online versions of these guides in our Starter Pack Guide. If you got your hardware from another provider, you can find more general help in the Hardware Help section.

Most ADSL hardware should already be configured with the right settings. If you should need to add them yourself use the information provided below:

ADSL username:
DNS: Primary - Secondary -
VPI = 0 (Virtual Path Identifier)
VCI = 38 (Virtual Channel Identifier)
Data Link Encapsulation: PPPoA
PPP properties: VC Multiplexed

If you are experiencing difficulties connecting then we would advise checking the following before you contact us.

Is your modem synchronising with your local exchange? This would normally be indicated by a steady DSL or link light on the modem. If you've received confirmation from us that the ADSL service is active but the modem isn't synchronising then we would advise that you try connecting the modem directly into the master telephone socket using one filter with no other devices (i.e. disconnect all telephones, fax machines, Sky Digital, analogue modems, caller ID boxes, alarm systems, dialler boxes) connected to the line.

If the modem does have synchronisation try running through the portal broadband Troubleshooter Guide, which can help you quickly resolve many of the most common connection problems.

Email and News
When setting up your email and news details you will need the following details

Incoming (POP3):
Outgoing (SMTP):
IMAP server:
E-mail address:
Usenet server:

Website addresses
To use your extensive web services you will need the following addresses

Your Web address:
FTP server:
FrontPage url:
FrontPage server:
CGI url:
CGI server:

Contacting Us

If you are experiencing problems or have a query regarding your account then please feel free to contact us via either our online Contact Us facility at or via the telephone on 0845 140 0200 (24hrs, 7 days per week), please ensure that you have your username and password to hand. We would also ask you to be in front of the PC with it powered up and as well as any error messages you are receiving.

All our contact details and postal address are provided on the 'How to find us' page.

Further Help

You will also find lots of help, here on the portal website. Please take some time to look through the facilities we provide, not only will you find help there but also a fully featured account management system within the Member centre. There are also a number of tutorials as well as service status information by email and further help from a group of our customers at

Important Information About Internet Security

With the always-on, fast connection you get from broadband, your computer becomes much more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and other security risks. Even if you don't store sensitive information on your computer, you MUST take action to make it secure.

To meet minimum standards of Internet security you MUST have both a firewall and anti virus program installed and active on the computers you connect to your broadband service.

For more information view the Security Guide.

Remember that there are a number of highly regarded firewall and anti-virus programs that are free for residential use. You can read more about them on the Security Software page.


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