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Summary: Information on making manual and automated connections with your dial-up account.
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Our website now provides help and support to customers of Plusnet, Force9 and Free-Online. Please select your provider using the drop-down menu and you will be provided with the technical support details that are appropriate to you.

Our 0845 and 0808 dial-up products were withdrawn from service in January 2015. To find out more about this, or if you have any questions please see our Dial-up closure FAQ.

This guide will help you set up your Plusnet dial-up connection. If you have any problems, please see Dial-up connection troubleshooting and 56K modem problems.

If you're a broadband customer, please see our Router setup guides and Broadband support.

  1. Plusnet dial-up connection numbers
  2. Dial-up connection setup guides
  3. Your dial-up username and password
  4. CLI settings for all users
  5. Connecting from abroad
  6. Dial-up access with a mobile phone

1. Plusnet dial-up connection numbers

  • Any call made to numbers starting with 0845 are charged at lo-call rates by your telephone provider (even if you're on an unmetered product)
  • Calls made to numbers starting with 0808 are free and will only work when calling from Plusnet or BT based telephone lines
  • If your product isn't shown in the table below, please see your Connection Settings in My Account
Residential dial-up products
Connect Start 0808 9933403
Connect Lite User 0808 9933000
Connect Standard 0808 9933269
Connect Heavy User 0808 9933270
Anytime Lite 0808 9933403
Anytime Standard 0808 9933269
Pay As You Go Standard 0845 1400101
Pay As You Go Premier 0845 1400101
Business dial-up products
Business Anytime Lite 0808 9933271
Business Anytime Standard 0808 9933272
Business Pay As You Go Standard 0845 1400103
Business Pay As You Go Premier 0845 1400103


2. Dial-up connection setup guides

Use our step-by-step guides to setup your dial-up connection. To get started, click on your operating system logo:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows NT4

Windows 2000

Windows XP




Basic settings for other Operating Systems


3. Your dial-up username and password

Your dial-up username and password are the same as your Account Username and password (the ones you use to log into this site).


4. CLI settings for all users

Our Anytime and Connect products allow you to connect from up to 5 designated BT or Plusnet telephone numbers.

Simply add any additional Caller Line Identification numbers (telephone numbers) to My CLI Numbers (found under Connection Settings in My Account). Ex-directory and 'number withheld' service-enabled users need to add '1470' in front of the telephone number.


5. Connecting from abroad

If you want to connect whenever you're abroad on holiday or business, you can use one of the two Plusnet lo-call rate 'roaming' numbers shown below. These numbers will work in most of Europe and the USA as long as the line you're calling allows you to call UK 0845 numbers.

Remember to drop the '0' and add the international dialing code +(44) to the start of the number before you try to connect.

  • Residential roaming number: 0845 1400101
  • Business roaming number: 0845 1400103

You can use these numbers in other situations too, e.g. you're away from your regular Internet connection point, or you're experiencing temporary connection problems.


6. Dial-up access with a mobile phone

If you've got a data-enabled mobile phone and suitable hardware (e.g. a laptop), you can get online anywhere your mobile finds a signal by dialing 0845 1400106

This number is available to all Plusnet customers. Calls to this number are charged at BT's lo-call rate and will vary according to your mobile network provider's tariff. Mobile calls are not included in the unmetered provision of Anytime, Connect or broadband accounts.

Please note: Because mobile phone data transfer speeds are slower than access using a computer this service is only suitable for accessing small emails and browsing. You should check your mobile phone and other hardware manuals for model-specific details.


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