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Setting up email

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your email software are available here. These instructions include screenshots for your reference and are easy to follow. For those customers using software other than that listed here, you should find that your software has similar set up options.


The options above should offer help on most of the major email packages in use. However standard mail server addresses for other packages are as follows:

Incoming (POP3) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:

Still unable to collect your mail?
If you have set up a mail box using 'My Email Settings' you will need to log in to your mail server slightly differently. We've got full details on what extra mailboxes mean and how to collect mail from them (including screenshots) in our Mailbox Help section. Don't forget that you can delete mailboxes using 'My Email Settings' if you find that you don't need extra mailboxes - you can then receive your email using the default settings.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Mail
IMAP allows you to read your mail, store it on the server and place your messages in folders on the server without downloading the messages to your computer. IMAP e-mail is available using the following servers:

Incoming (IMAP) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail

To set up your mail client simply follow the instructions set out above for your e-mail application, replacing the incoming mail server with Further help on how to use IMAP mail will be available in your mail client's help text. We are sorry that we cannot offer support on the setup and use of IMAP-based email.


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