Plusnet service

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Our Support Team

Plusnet policies
Read the policies our Support Team operate under while dealing with customer enquiries.

Plusnet Code of Practice
Read the Plusnet Code of Practice, approved by Ofcom, the UK Telecommunications regulator.

The Plusnet community

The Plusnet Usertools and Usergroup websites
Find out more about Plusnet Usertools and the Plusnet Usergroup websites.

The Plusnet Community Site
Information about our Community Site.

Network performance graphs

Broadband usage
Graphs showing broadband usage on our network over the last 24 hours.

Network Latency
Graphs showing latency on our network over the last 24 hours.

Mail queues
See the queue status of messages sent to Plusnet email addresses.

Mail sessions
Server sessions for our mail collection servers.

DNS response times
Details of our DNS Servers' response times.